Thursday, February 19, 2009

Jay W. McGee - Over & Over (SCORPIO Rec 1982)

Recorded at Toronto this LP of Jay W. McGee is like all the Canadian production, not easy to find. Contain different kind of music influence. Essential record for all modern soul lovers.

"I Love You (Over & Over)" Lovely Modern Soul
"I Fell It (This Is It)" Reggae Style
"And When We Party" Dancefloor Tune
"What You Tryin' To Do" Wonderful Modern Soul
"Alice ! I'm In Wonderland"

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Marz (LIBERTY Rec 1982) USA

1982 has been the most prolific year for 80's Funk but if I have to choose one record, it's going to be this one. For me, The Best Big Fat Sound in 1982.Unfortunatly this is the only MARZ's record. Marvin Ennis is the Leader. Produced by MR. Lionel Job For Liberty Records.

"Hooked On That Lovin Thing" Out Of Control
"Seriously" Fat sound
"Move It Groove It" Fat sound
"Make It Right" Stepper
"One More Minute" The Marz Bass's sound
"Everybody Get Up" let your body move !!!

L.A Boppers - Make mine Bop (MCA Rec 1982) USA

And The fourth records of L.A BOPPERS. Congratulations to this remarkable Band! In 1982 it was really easy fall in the easy !!! They didn't choose the easiest way to make theirs records but they succeed. Keep The Funk Alive

"Perfect Love"
"Wrap You Up"
"Heartaches" For me, one of the best L.A BOPPERS !

L.A Boppers - Bop Time (MERCURY Rec 1981) USA

Third records of L.A Boppers. Probably the best one. Same recipies: Funk + BeBop. Guess what ? The FUNKY THUMBS is back !

"La La Means I Love You" Supernatural Bass Line
"You're N°1" What the Groove is going on ?
"Dreamer" Supernatural Bass Line
"Give Me Some" Crazy Tune
"Where Did You Go" Jazzy Stepper

L.A Boppers (MECURY Rec 1980) USA

Second records for this incredible L.A BOPPERS Band. Concentrate of Funk with a piece of Jazzy rhythms. Great brass, funky guitar riff and SUPERNATURAL bass line.

"Life is what you make it"
"Funk it out"
"Watching life"

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Royal Flush - Hot Spot (GEC Rec 1980)

Two words to qualify this record "FUNKING CRAZY", Pay attention to your ears I disclaim all responsability ! The best record of his kind. For Big Fat Sound Lovers !

"Grab Your Sexy Baby" Or Grab Your Fuc... Speakers !
"Hot Spot Pt.1" Galactic Funk
"Doin' It To Def" So Funky
"Goddess Of Love" Gentleness (Written & Conducted by TOM TOM 84)
"Funk Power" Speechless

Carol Shinnette - Carol Shinnette's Expression's (OPTUNE Rec)

The Sound Of California with the LP of Carol Shinnette.
Two Killer Boogie tune and two great Stepper. Little bit expensive for people who looking only for Boogie track. Watch out, She's sometimes very high pitched. Produced by Mark Lyon

"Ladies lib" Boogie tune
"If you (I'll change your mind)" Beautiful Mid-tempo
"Temptations" Lovely stepper
"Handsome man" Watch out! The Boogie Tune !

Carol Shinnette - Cyanide Love (OPTUNE Rec 1986)

In demand 7" of Carol Shinnette. Different mix than the ZILCO Records version !

"Cyanide Love"

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Wreckin' Crew - Pixie Dust (SOFT Rec 198?) USA

In demand Wreckin'Crew's LP from Florida. Check out the sound clip to know why !

"Pixie Dust" The record's boogie tune
"Set It On Out"
"Wide (Open Up Your Love"
"All My Love" Sweet tune
"On The Mark" Great Fusion Boogie

Alvin Fields - Special Delivery (A&M Rec 1981) USA

Great Alvin Fields's LP, probably the only one as singer.
Produced by Michael Zager.

"Special Delivery" Sharped Bassline
"Any Way You Like It" Great Stepper
"Lucky Number Seven"

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Sweet Talks (MERCURY Rec 1979) USA

Very in demand Disco Funk LP. Crazy bass line, great brass. This record is just a pure benediction for ours ears. Press play to enjoy !

"Do The Beat" Killer Dancefloor track
"Devil In Disguise"
"Keep The Same Old Feeling"
"Time Is Running Out" Huge !
"Baby Love"
"Stomp And Buck Dance"
"Shadow Dancing"

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Omar Hakim - Rhythm Deep (GRP Rec 1989)

Famous fusion's drummer of Weather Report he played also with Sting, LP signed on GRP record the great fusion label.

"Crucial 2 Groove" Killer fusion modern soul tune, great keyboards
"Rhythm Deep" Great modern soul
"Angel Delight" Modern soul
"Constructive Criticism" Great fusion track with his sidekick Victor Bailey

Monday, January 19, 2009

Tatsuro Yamashita - For You (AIR Rec 1982) Japan

An other record 100% made in Japan, produced by Tatsuro Yamashita himself
LP in demand for the modern soul tune "Love Talkin" Enjoy !

"Sparkle" My favorite one !
"Music Book" Great mid-tempo
"Love Talkin" Enjoy !

Tatsuro Yamashita - Ride On Time (AIR Rec 1980) Japan

100% Japanese LP is this quality record and in advance in Japan for 1980

"Daydream" Killer groove
"Silent Screamer" Killer Boogie
"Ride On Time" Very famous in Japan, have been covered this day
"The Door Into Summer" Great stepper
"Clouds" Lovely Stepper

Tatsuro Yamashita - Spacy (RCA Rec 1977) Japan

Tatsuro Yamashita's second record is a beautiful LP with many differents influences. Many drum breakbeat, great horn and guitar riff. Enjoy !

"Love space" Great modern soul
"Dancer" Beautiful modern soul, start with a big fat drum break
"Solid slider" Enjoyable tune with brillant chorus !

Tatsuro Yamashita - Circus Town (RCA Rec 1976) Japan

First record of the famous Tatsuro Yamashita, the Japanese's J-Pop singer and producer. His first LP has two differents side:
Side A recorded in New York with local musicians (Will Lee & Randy Brecker)
Side B recorded in Los Angeles wih local musicians

Opening with "Circus Town" Beautiful Modern Soul (NY side)
"Windy Lady" Wonderful Modern Soul (NY Side)

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Logg (SALSOUL Rec 1981) USA

Quality Lp, every tracks are great. Sharped bass line, raw keyboards, a concentrate of smoky groove. Produced and arranged by Leroy Burguess
Please listen every track carefully

"(You've got) That something"
"Dancing into the stars"
"Something else" Killer tune. Enjoy!
"I know you will" Killer Tune. Enjoy!
"Lay it on the line" Speechless
"Sweet to me" Lovely Stepper

Inner Life II (Salsoul Rec 1982) USA

Second opus of INNER LIFE on Salsoul Records, Same recipie same quality

"Picked A Winner" Lovely groove
"Moment Of My Life" Crazy Boogie
"I Like It Like That" Crazy Boogie
"If You're Gonna Love Me" Soulful tune
"I've Got To Find Me Somebody" Arranged by Leroy Burguess

Inner Life (Salsoul Rec 1981) USA

Don't have to present this crazy Salsoul LP , Lead Vocal: Jocelyn Brown
With differents producer as Patrick Adams, Greg Carmichael and Stan Lucas

"Ain't No Mountain" Dancefloor Soulful Tune
"Pay Girl"
"Let's Go Another Round (Knock Out)"
"Live It Up" Killer Boogie
"Make It Last Forever" Many times sampled in Hip Hop

Friday, January 9, 2009

Etsuko Sai - Passio (Continental Rec 1986) Japan

Hard to discribe this quality record, maybe a concentrate of modern groove with the sweet Etsuko Sai's voice. At a great rate !

"Airport Dance" Sweety Fusion groove
"Japanese Title -02- Side A" Nice Japanese Boogie
"Japanese Title -03- Side A"
"Japanese Title -05- Side A" Good Japanese Boogie

Ask me if someone is interested to listen the stepper of this record