Thursday, February 19, 2009

Jay W. McGee - Over & Over (SCORPIO Rec 1982)

Recorded at Toronto this LP of Jay W. McGee is like all the Canadian production, not easy to find. Contain different kind of music influence. Essential record for all modern soul lovers.

"I Love You (Over & Over)" Lovely Modern Soul
"I Fell It (This Is It)" Reggae Style
"And When We Party" Dancefloor Tune
"What You Tryin' To Do" Wonderful Modern Soul
"Alice ! I'm In Wonderland"


oldschoolrareboogiegrooves said...

great underrated album A++

Jimmy Jam said...

When we recorded this album we tried to get all of the talent that Toronto had to offer at the time, which was plenty. I'm thankful to have known and worked with all of these great people. Check out Glenn Ricketts on the bridge of "When We Party", the original version before the remix.He's the father of Glenn Lewis,runs in the fam.Peace and Love. Jay McGee

Laurent - Clap Yo Handz said...

Blog mort?

BMoney Grenier said...
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BMoney Grenier said...

This is a dope blog! Nice work. I was wondering where can i get these songs?! Or the over and over album in general? This is my father.. And it seems easier to get his vinyl in Europe than Canada. Do you have a copy of the record?

matou said...

salut je fais de la pub sauvage vu que ce blog est foutu, ├ža ne derangera pas,